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Custom Suhr

Bought in 2010, Robin bought this guitar for the purposes of playing his own compositions. The Suhr Modern was custom built for Robin and has his Signature on the guitar. Robin needed a guitar that he felt did not restrain his technical ability in anyway so he could completely focus on his musicality. The Suhr is…
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Andy Crockett Stratocaster

Bought in 2014 and known as Katie, this is Robin’s main work guitar. Originally Andy Crockett built it for himself. Robin didn’t posess a stratocaster at the time, Andy Crockett leant Robin the guitar. However Robin bought the guitar after realising how versatile it was. Robin uses Katie for all his function and dep work. The…
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Gibson Les Paul Standard

Bought in 2011, Robin uses his Gibson Les Paul Standard 60’s Light Burst guitar for studio/recording purposes, only very occasionally live. The guitar is stock with Burst Bucker pickupsand is not chambered. Robin had been looking for a Gibson Les Paul for sometime, however found one in the second hand shop in Brighton. He noticed the…
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