• Custom Suhr

    Custom Suhr

    Bought in 2010, Robin bought this guitar for the purposes of playing his own compositions. The Suhr Modern was custom built...

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  • Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

    Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

    Made in America and bought in 2009 , this is Robin’s main work amp. He upgraded the speaker to a Jenson...

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  • Cornford MK50 MK2

    Cornford MK50 MK2

    Cornford MK50 MK2 in oxblood with 2x12 Cornford Cabinet. Bought in 2009, the Cornford is one of Robin’s main guitar amps...

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  • Andy Crockett Stratocaster

    Andy Crockett Stratocaster

    Bought in 2014 and known as Katie, this is Robin’s main work guitar. Originally Andy Crockett built it for himself. Robin...

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  • Robin Burrows

    Robin Burrows

    Various images of Robin during studio work, live sessions, performances and photo shoots....

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  • Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Bought in 2011, Robin uses his Gibson Les Paul Standard 60’s Light Burst guitar for studio/recording purposes, only very occasionally...

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  • Pedal Board

    Pedal Board

    Robins Pedal board changes constantly depending on what work is entailed. Top row left to right we have a, Rothwell...

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