Harry Houdini the amazing story of the magician who wanted to cheat death

The life story of Harry Houdini can't be topped, and even his death had a special "something" about it. Houdini also established a message to send to his wife from the other side.

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Born on March 24, 1884, probably the most famous magician of the world, Harry Houdini didn't managed to cheat death. Houdini on Halloween, on October 31, 1926.

In the Houdini movie, released in 1953, with Tony Curtis playing the main role, the great magician dies while he's trying to escape from underwater cell. A hollywood like ending, but not precise. The truth is that Houdini died in the middle of a tour in the fall of 1926, after he started to have some acute stomach problems.

It seams that Houdini suffered from appendicitis but he refused treatment because then he would have had to cancel some of his shows. Being tired, and accident prone, Houdini broke his ankle on the scene, a few weeks before he died.

A few days later he was hit in the stomach by a student who wanted to test his pain resistance abilities. Allegedly, that hit also contributed to his death. Houdini collapsed on stage a few days later and he was admitted into a Detroit hospital with peritonitis.

He died on Halloween and his last words we're said to his brother, Hardeen: " I am tired of fighting" the great Harry Houdini said for the last time.

Even if Houdini died because of a medical condition, his wife Bess cashed in the insurance money, claiming that the hit to the stomach Harry received was directly responsible with Harry Houdini's premature death.

Houdini's macabre premonition

In the summer of 1926, a few months before he died, Houdini heard of a magician that locked himself into a cage that was put underwater and he spent more than 1 hour before escaping.

Houdini purchased a bronze coffin, locked himself into it and it was put underwater in the hotel's pool for one hour and a half before that coffin was brought to surface and when the coffin was opened Harry Houdini was found smiling.

Harry brought the coffin with him on his tour and he even exposed it to his audience. He made a joke with his wife saying that the coffin should be used for real if something happens during the tour. Well, as fate has it, Harry Houdini's dead body was transported in that exact coffin back to New York.

Houdini and Spiritualism

Despite their skepticism, Houdini and his wife, Bess, wrote a secret message to test the connection between the world of the living and the world of the death. The message was supposed to be sent by one of them in case one of them died.

The message was a very sentimental one and it was based on something they knew.

Bess started the tradition of spiritualism sessions to see if Harry Houdini, the man who can escape from any jail, managed to escape death. For 10 years Bess organized these sessions without receiving a sign from her husband. After a decade he quit organizing them, but the tradition was carried on by fans and other magicians. Until present day, no message was received from the Great Harry Houdini.


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