Stage Mothers

By history and literal connotation, a stage mother is often the manager of her child who does stage or film acting.Stage mom intervenes and mostly control the negotiations for her child's services.

As time goes by, it gained popularity and its use has broadened. It's now often associated with the word "pusher" but others claim just to be a "supportive mother" for the child who often joins auditions, contests or competitions.She works hard and sacrifices a lot to place her child into success and limelight.

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What are the usual negative habits of a stage mom?

1.She wanted everyone to know the success of her child instead of letting her child experience the success.

2. Overprotective of her child against other people or critics, but fails to realize that she's sometimes a worse critic than others.

3. A stage mom pushes her child to be successful to compensate for the failures she once had, push for her dreams that she had not invested an effort to do so during her times or struggle to maintain the success she once had.

4. A stage mom can be a narcissist. She promotes her own image by using their child. She controls him/her like a puppet. The child struggles to give his/her best to experience the love and appreciation of his/her mom. As time goes on, the child becomes resistant, defensive, stubborn and sometimes rebellious. Some kids grew to be a narcissist themselves.

However, there is nothing wrong being a stage mom if she:

1. Gives her very best to support the ambitions or wants of her child, provided she does not sacrifice or deprive the child's need for education, rest, play, sleep, food and most essentially, the learning experience that could make him/her a better person.

2. Does not intervene on the directions or roles her child are having unless if they could inflict him/her either harm or place him/her in unlikely situations.

3. Does not deprive her child of his/her friends or acquaintance unless of good influence and not by her (stage mom) preferences.

4. Does not showcase herself.

5. Set aside her child's prize, earnings, awards or the like for her child's benefit.

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