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Every guitarist has experienced that awful moment when a guitar that has been leant against a wall or chair comes crashing to the ground. A easy way of helping to prevent such catastrophes would be to acquire a guitar stand.

Their main benefit is they are fast to mount, fold away and are effortlessly transported from one gig to another. They also come in helpful within the house within the event you do not have a devoted music space or when you have a partner who objects to guitars hanging from the walls.

Guitar stands come in many shapes and sizes. Their prime requisite is obviously to stop a guitar from toppling to the ground. They do not guarantee it so it is wise to select cautiously before getting one.

A popular form will be the easy tripod style. The 3 legs in the bottom fold away as do the two prongs at the top for holding the neck with the guitar. Two wide, foam or rubber-encased hooks in the bottom using the stand support the guitar's base. Its benefit is the fact that it is stable and demands a fairly powerful push to knock more than.

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The prongs in the leading prevent the guitar from falling to either side. Its weakness is that it doesn't fold away extremely small and does not prevent the guitar falling forward if accidentally pushed. To overcome the latter problem some stands have a hook-on strap between the prongs or 1 prong that turns slightly inwards to arrest any forward movement of the guitar neck. I like to reach out and just grab the guitar so anything that slows me down such as fiddling with a strap, I steer clear of.

An additional type of stands available is the 'A-Frame', so known as due to it's shape. Its advantages are that it is little and folds away into an effortlessly transportable size. The drawback is that the guitar neck isn't supported, which makes the guitar simpler to knock over.

Some guitar stands are very compact and fold away into small plate-sized discs. I've one myself which was given to me by a fellow guitarist. Its only benefit is it's little size however the slightest push on the guitar has it tumbling towards the floor.

Multiple guitar stands are quite well-liked whether or not in the house or on stage. I have a tripod that may hold two guitars. I maintain one for standard tuning and also the other for whatever choice tuning takes my fancy.

Some stands are veritable racks and can hold as numerous guitars as desired. On stage it's helpful to have that second guitar ready just in case a string breaks or your subsequent song has you changing from electric to acoustic guitar, or vice versa.

Some stands are veritable racks and can hold as many guitars as desired. On stage it is helpful to have that second guitar ready just in case a string breaks or your subsequent song has you changing from electric to acoustic guitar, or vice versa.

As a rule of thumb, the best stands cover the largest base region and support the neck with the guitar. Expenses vary enormously but generally, the much more helpful your guitar would be to you then the much more you need to be prepared to invest for your stand; unless clearly you like the distinctive sound of one's guitar crashing towards the floor!

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