Country western dances

Country Western Two-Step. The most basic style of country western dancing is based on the two-step movements that European dancers brought to America in the 1800s. The country western two-step, also known as the Texas Two-Step, is a partner dance in which partners stand facing each other the entire time. The male partner typically leads the female partner through the sequence of movements. Partners follow a quick, quick, slow, slow pattern in 4/4 time.

Country Western Swing. This dance is accompanied by upbeat country music. The country western swing style is typically performed to a song that features elements of classic country music along with blues and even jazz. The fiddle is the most important instrument in country western swing, making it very different from other types of swing dancing. Country western swing dancing requires smooth and fluid movements, distinguishing it from the bouncy movements found in other styles of swing dancing.

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Country Western Cha-Cha. This fun dance style combines the best of country western music and cha-cha inspired flair. Unlike traditional cha-cha style dancing, country western cha-cha style dancing calls for slower music. This allows dancers to perform smooth and graceful steps. Dancers follow a one, two, cha, cha, cha pattern, with both partners starting on the same foot. Country western cha-cha requires dipping movements that help enhance the cha-cha style.

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