Using the Release Technique...

It seems every time I update it's real late here. And I'm not having the easiest time updating daily. There always seems to be something that I'm doing during the week.

So, here's a few interesting updates:

1) I found myself a release partner, without really trying to! That was a huge surprise for me. He unfortunately is quite new to the Release Technique, but I am still glad that he is willing to work with me. In fact, I think he's more interested in it than I am as the accountability factor is rather awesome.

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2) I successfully released on an issue I had with a person who sent me a rather not-so-encouraging letter. I'm quite at ease with it now

3) I am releasing on my money related goals. I am making progress and I will persist in releasing further. The temptation to avoid this is great, but I will not given into procrastination. My future is at stake here and I refuse to let procrastination determine my life.

4) I've listened to a whole bunch of recorded tele-conference calls, so I have learned quite a bit about how to release more effectively. I am excited as it has given me a much better understanding of how to go about clearing my junk. I am beginning to see on a much deeper level that there most definitely is a metaphysical connection between our thoughts/emotions and our every experiences. In other words, if a person has money problems, it most definitely is due to holding thoughts of lack of money! What you hold in mind is what you get.

What are you holding in mind with regards to money? That gives a huge clue as to why your current financial situation is the way it is.

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Post Resources - You are a amazing human being 🙂

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