There was no way I could go to Harlem without visiting the historic Apollo theater

There was no way I could go to Harlem without visiting the historic Apollo Theater. I know in the decades it has existed some of the most talented individuals walked across that stage.

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As I sat there at Amateur Night watching all the individuals displaying their "talents" hoping to avoid the boos sitting so eagerly on the tongues of the spectators, I began to relate to them.

I came here searching for something that I wasn't going to get. They came searching for affirmation and fame and the majority of them we're falling short. I came for the land of the speakeasy, jazz, and The Charleston that no longer exists. Sure there are remnants of that time on display for tourists like me, but it just feels less authentic. Don't get me wrong, I still love Harlem I just wish I could have known it back then.

My second excursion into the city I visited Red Rooster. The food was great, but it was the atmosphere that made me never want to leave. It wasclassy but homey. From the books to the vests worn by the was everywhere I wanted to be always.

As much as I wish I had known the 20s Harlem, I must say today's Harlem was worth the trip. I only wonder what the Harlemites of yesterday would think of it today.

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