Dance shoes

Swing shoes. Swing dancing features a wide variety of movements, such as sliding and spinning, from both partners. Finding the right pair of shoes is important for providing the support needed by the feet while completing these fast-paced moves. Swing shoes should have leather or suede soles that glide on the floor. Choose a pair that fits well, without feeling too tight or too loose. Popular styles include wingtip shoes for men and dance pumps for women.

Ballroom and Latin shoes. A number of different dances fall under the ballroom and Latin categories. The type of shoe you choose will depend on the type of dance lessons you take. Men typically wear black shoes with one-inch heels for International Standard and American Smooth styles of dance, while women wear closed-toed shoes with two- to three-inch heels. For International Latin and American Rhythm styles, men wear black shoes with heels between two and three inches while women wear open-toed shoes with two- to three-inch heels.

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Dance sneakers. If you are new to dance lessons, you may want to stick to simple and comfortable shoes until you find the dance style you prefer. Dance sneakers provide support for all parts of the foot thanks to their spilt soles. This makes this type of shoe ideal for an assortment of dance styles. They are also a great choice for dancers of all skill levels. You can find a great pair of dance sneakers at a dance supply store.

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