Royal Shakespeare Theatre

The Royal Shakespeare Theatre owned by the Royal Shakespeare Company is located on the banks of River Avon. In the 19th century, a suggestion was put forth to build such a theater in the birthplace of Shakespeare. Later, the old Shakespeare Memorial Theatre was built as a dedication to the famous playwright and lyricist William Shakespeare and the dramatic piece Much Ado About Nothing was first performed. The Old theatre had a proscenium forestage and a 3-tier seat arrangement with enough space for housing 1500 people. The hallway and staircase around the auditorium reveled eclectic art.In the year 1926, the old theatre was blazed and in 1932, it was reconstructed and renamed as the new Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Elisabeth Scott, a women architect and designer of the theater, had given a refined look to the building. The Prince of Wales credited the inauguration of the new Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Royal Shakespeare Theatre Attractions

  • The theater tours reveal the off stage rehearsals and other obscured history of the theater and it's technical rooms.
  • The Theater Tower, a monument to the old theater, is 118 foot high and it's viewing platform, called the Juliet Balcony, gives an eagle eye view of Shakespeares birth town. Using an elevator or stairs, one can reach the crest of the tower to explore the exhibition and have an elite dining in the roof top restaurants.
  • The shell of the old theater is now restructured to a play hall, used for performing rehearsals.
  • The new theater is functional with windowless tall walls, both indoor and outdoor. The theater was extended connecting the Bancroft gardens.
  • The new theater, called the main house, has an open stage auditorium with chairs for 1030 audience in it's three sides in different levels. This amphitheater gives a typical drama stage for Shakespeares plays. The backstage arrangements we're splendid with 7-meter low subterranean vault and a big fly tower.
  • The Light lock, an innovative addition to the theater, is a winch that goes round the stage and it's lighting is remote controlled.
  • The Swan Theatre is a small gallery playhouse. It shares the back dock with the main house and it is possible to walk from one stage to another.
  • The theater has 12 separate lanes for wheelchairs.
  • A walk along the Bancroft Gardens presents a picturesque riverside setting to experience natures grace and feel the sterile gasp.

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